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Liquid purification technologi with unmatched water filter performance.

Replacing old polymeric membrane technologies highest flux and heat rates for any membrane technology

  • No replacement filters or parts required

  • Sustainable and economical

  • Total chemical and heat resistance

  • Adds credits to your green profile

Sustainable long-life high performance low energy ultrafiltration. Silicon carbide ceramic membrane filter for pure drinking water and liquid purification of waste water.

The amazing UltraHydra with it’s proven SIC Ceramic membrane technology and long lasting operation provides a constant supply of safe secure pure drinking water.
UltraHydra is also Sustainable Ultrafiltration for grey water and waste water.
Hot liquid purification - No problem - UltraHydra performs even better with hot water.

Drinking Water

UltraHydra is a low-cost, lightweight drinking water ultrafiltration purification unit that requires no energy input.
Pathogens and disease carrying organisms are significantly removed using the UltraHydra including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, cysts and parasites. Turbidity will also be eliminated

Pre- RO Ultrafiltration

Reduced fouling of RO membranes. UltraHydra provides efficient ultrafiltration removal of suspended solids The result is significantly reduced fouling of RO membranes. This reduces concentration polarization which again improves the quality of the RO permeate. An increase of the RO capacity and life is seen when improving the pre-filtration step with UltraHydra ultrafiltration.


The ceramic membrane ultrafiltration unit is more compact than sand filters and in addition offers an absolute ultrafiltration rate thus a better water quality.
Increasing focus on reducing the harmful disinfection byproducts like Tri-chlor Halo Methanes (THM) has increased the focus on using ultrafiltration ceramic membranes instead of sand filters.

Water Recovery
Energy consumption
High Flux

Long-life, high-performance ceramic water ultrafiltration filter for pure drinking water

An individual UltraHydra can provide pure drinking water for over 700 people (depending on water consumption) and is also suitable for supplying water to schools, orphanages and other institutional facilities for drinking and hand washing requirements.

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Low Pressure High Flow Volume Water Ultrafiltration Purification